Who is Adrian

Running free as a child in Cozumel on the streets made of sand of what was then
a fisherman village; my playground was the lagoons, the beaches, the reef, the
jungle and the ruins. It was a time to explore, hear stories about our island from
elder family members and develop a deep love and appreciation for my home,

My name is Adrian Angulo and I am an independent tour operator born and
raised in Cozumel. My family is one of the oldest families who reside on the
island and is recognized for taking part in the early growth of the tourism
industry in Cozumel today.

My grandparents started the first restaurant in Cozumel, Casa Denis; I grew up
serving tables at Casa Denis and I still enjoy hosting and serving guests. My
grandparent’s dedication and hospitality to their guests were set in my heart at an
early age.

About 7 years old, I remember my grandpa asking me to take his guests on
tours around the island. At that time there were just a few scattered hotels and a
small number of visitors. I was not able to drive so I would jump in the back of
the guest’s car and act as their guide for the day.

By age 17, I already owned my own boat and had a love and passion for showing off the island in its most natural way.

Life gave me the opportunity to leave the island, to pursue my educational dreams. Merida, Yucatan was home base for college where I had the opportunity to travel and visit the surrounding areas of the Yucatán peninsula. Through college, I was fortunate to spend time in the USA. Atlanta and Chicago welcomed me through exchange college programs. With a business degree, I came back home and continued working for my family.

From offering Island tours to boat tours, you can have the chance to sightsee around the island, explore the magnificent reefs, caves, Mayan ruins, and lighthouses; I can confidently ensure a safe and fun experience! I like meeting new people and making sure you have a great time!

There are no limits! Adventure, relaxation, and exploration are all part of the main reasons why people look for me. My tours are private tours. There is no minimum number of participants; larger groups are accepted if they are part of one family or one group of friends. I wisely learned from my grandfather that I should not mix people together that don’t know each other. Therefore my tours are truly personal.

After my grandfather died, his legacy carried on, my passion was a gift to his friends who also loved Cozumel. I wanted to continue giving them the kind of adventure and good times my grandfather would give.

I created this tour company in his honor and will continue to create new friends and new memories for our island’s visitors.

There is nothing impossible. I will tailor any of your likes and desires into an unforgettable experience in Cozumel or the Yucatan Peninsula. The key to a customized tour around our beautiful island is your imagination, book a tour through me and I guarantee you satisfaction!

WELCOME, I hope you enjoy this website; it was created to make your experience in Cozumel easier and more enjoyable.