1.  I want a private tour. What do I need to do?

As simple as request a date, once availability is confirmed you make a deposit and a confirmation of your experience will be sent!


  1.  Can I call Adrian?

I appreciate the convenience of phone conversations but I would rather communicate via email, messenger, whatsapp, kik or even texting to make sure all the details of your questions are saved in my device.


  1.  Am I able to share the cost of the tour with other travelers?

I have learned my lesson that mixing people that do not know each other may end in an uncomfortable day.

If you are coming with friends or family, yes you can share expenses.


  1.  After I have booked a tour, can I invite others to join me?

You are always welcome to add other guests to the experience under your own responsibility.

Yes you can depending on the experience and the capacity of the vehicles or boats. Please before you commit with others make sure we have availability for your guests.


  1.  Who do I contact regarding the tour itinerary, pricing and/or guide availability?

Me Directly!


  1.  How does Adrian Cozumel work?

I’m an independent tour operator who caters towards small groups for a more personalized and safe experience.  I assure your safe return after the experience it’s completed.

100% of your support goes to my family and local vendors. Your experience with me will enable you to interact with other local families as I do like to share and help the people around my island. So do not be surprised if we pull over at a local cantina to drink a beer while we are on your tour.


  1.  Do I need to tip Adrian?

I love BIG tips I CANNOT LIE LOL… Although tips are not obligated, they are always welcome!


  1.  Adrian hasn’t replied to my inquiry. What should I do?

From the following options I’m sure I will be reachable and available!





WHATSAPP: +52 1 987 8761558

MAIL: [email protected]

cell: +52 1 987 8761558

Smoke Signals Apply too


  1.  Do Adrian’s shore excursions guarantee return to the ship on time?

Yes, no questions asked!! Working with small groups and under the private basis assures me to be back at least 2 hrs before your ship departs from port. Having a little daughter at home gives me no option to offer you a room at my house!


  1.  What kind of payment options do you offer?

I accept Paypal Deposits and Cash on the day of the Experience.


  1.  How do I get a refund?

You may be eligible to receive a full or partial refund depending upon:

  • The reason for your cancellation
  • The number of days prior to the start of the tour your cancellation request is received by me
  • The amount of non-refundable upfront costs that the guide-partner incurred as a result of preparing for your tour


To request a refund, please contact me directly:


EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: cell phone dialed from the USA +52 1 9878761558

Updated: Nov 15 2017


  1.  What is our cancellation policy?
  • This clause is considered the number number 1: In the case of the Port closure, we will cancel the trip and a refund will be given with no questions asked. We would just have to keep the Paypal commission transaction fee (7% of the original deposit)
  • Days with winds over the 12 knots from the North and Northeast would obligate me to cancel unless you still want to go for it under choppy conditions.
  • In case of scattered rain, we will postpone tour departure for 1 hour and make a decision depending on weather behavior.
  • In the case of heavy rain and stronger winds over the 12 knots clause 1 applies.
  • In the case of departure with good weather conditions but while out on the tour the weather changes abruptly, we will continue the experience always considering the safety of our guests. Full charge of the tour applies.
  • In the case of seasick guests, we will continue the experience and we will only come back upon clients request. Full charge of the tour applies.
  • Days with winds over 18 knots from the North/Northeast/West, option 1 applies.
  • If the tour is canceled 24 hrs before the start of the tour due to weather conditions, option 1 applies.
  • Nonrefundable deposits for No-Shows and/or if canceled at the start of the tour no deposit refunds apply due to preparation fees. Please understand supplies and food needs are bought and prepared and this is the reason for charging the deposit in this specific case.
  • In case of NO SHOWS,  there will NOT be a refund of the deposit due to preparation expenses.
  • In case of ship change of route or itinerary, I will require an email 24 hours in advance. Option 1 apply
  • In case of illness of any kind, we will require a 24 hrs notification. In case of Montezuma’s revenge while on your vacation, drink one part of CocaCola and fresh lime juice to get a happy tummy.


If you need to cancel please contact me directly:

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: cell phone dialed from the USA +52 1 9878761558

Updated: Nov 15 2017


  1.  I may have accidentally paid for my tour TWICE. What do I do?

Please contact me directly:

EMAIL: [email protected]

PHONE: cell phone dialed from the USA +52 1 9878761558

Updated: Nov 15 2017


  1.  Can I pay the guide in cash on the day of the tour?

Yes you totally can pay cash for your Balance at the moment you meet me for your experience.


  1.  I want maximum flexibility to cancel. What are my options?

The 24 HOUR ANY REASON cancellation option.


For an additional fee (10% of the tour price), payable at time of booking, you can benefit from our ’24 HOUR ANY REASON’ cancellation option. By purchasing this option, you will have the peace-of-mind of knowing that we will refund you the full amount you pay for your tour (excluding the cost of the ’24 HOUR ANY REASON’ cancellation option), provided you notify us of cancellation 24 hours or more before the start of your tour.

If you cancel less than 24 hours before the tour’s start time, the Standard Cancellation Policy applies.


If you do not use the ’24 HOUR ANY REASON’ cancellation option, we will issue you a coupon equal to the amount you paid for it. This coupon is valid for 2 YEARS from the time of issuance.


  1.  I booked a shore excursion. will I get a refund if my ship doesn’t dock?


If any tour, not just shore excursions, are cancelled because of a ‘force of nature’ event, you will receive a full refund (please refer to our cancellation policy). For shore excursions, this typically means such things as weather conditions preventing your ship from docking, or if your ship arrives late or otherwise does not dock.


17. If you read this all you are eligible for a special Adrian´s complementary gift. Just make sure you make a note at the moment of making a reservation! 



Adrian Cozumel
[email protected]

Tel: +52-1-(987)-876-1558



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