Life starts with dreams, some have easier access to them and some not. Here is where we play a big role to make a difference. I believe the more we get to participate with our community the better people we become and this is the reason why I got the blessing to start this project in Cozumel as part of sharing to the most needed.

Everything started when I had the opportunity to receive a donation from a very good friend, (I decided to keep this anonymous for privacy reasons) With these funds I thought about the idea of asking my life long friends visiting the island to bring BackPacks and school supplies that would be donated to kids coming from families of single moms or those with more difficulties to get access to the more and more expensive supplies.

For a few months the project was very small and occasionally I would hear from people bringging these BackPacks/supplies and receipts for reinboursements, Most did not want but just wanted to donated free. Eventually I ran out of funds, Thankfully by then the word had spread like wildfire thru-out the internet, social media and different cruise groups!

Divas, you have do an amazing job making this project what it is now. Thank you very much for ALL your help.

If any of my readers want to participate with a donation please remember I DO NOT ACCEPT CASH AS DONATIONS, I would only accept BackPacks, School supplies, Kids Shoes.

I will give these out to the most needed childrenĀ  during my free time on the island!!!

Again, thanks for all you do for Cozumel and our kids