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Punta Molas Adventure —

Either you have been to Cozumel for your first time or several times this is an Adventure to consider as the northern side of the island it’s the most remote, undeveloped and secluded part of Cozumel. This is an opportunity to explore in its most natural way. Through the day we may not run into anybody making this a unique experience away from civilization.

The lighthouse of Punta Molas, has been a mystic and enigmatic destination due to the difficulty in access, you could only get there by dirt road with a full 4 x 4 Vehicle, not always available in the island, or by boat and this last one is the way we will go!

Most companies have developed their tour operations in the southern side of the island making of Punta Molas Adventure an opportunity to get away from the crowds.

Our adventure begins at a convenience meet spot to embark our boat.

After introduction and safety briefing we will start our cruise throughout the city coast line and towards passion island. As  the day goes we will do a ride to the Montecristo lagoon so you can appreciate the beauty of the mangrove trees and the flora and fauna.

After Montecristo Lagoon we will keep cruising on our boat to the northern point of the island where we’ll snorkel a reef full of remains of old shipwrecks from the 1700’s and on.  Please note, the logistic of our activities will depend on the weather conditions and sea currents.

After finishing with snorkeling we will head to the lighthouse, is a hike through waist-deep waters and rocky terrain to the beach, over there we will have the opportunity to climb a lighthouse that was built in the mid 1900’s, and admire the breath taking views and take unlimited pictures.

We will start our way back stopping at Rio de la Plata Lagoon, there we do a half a mile hike in knee deep water and venture to discover and ancient Mayan ruin, where you will learn and have the opportunity to visit a sound house.

After all activities are done we will have our lunch and some snacks as we work our way back riding through the beautiful crystal clear waters.

This tour will give you the opportunity to see the Cozumel that very few people get to see and it’s also a great photo-shoot opportunity as there are incredible places to take photos.

Let’s go and be ready to see what just a few get to experience!

 USDUSDWhat’s Included and Price:

  • Boat transportation on La Victoria 22.5 feet center console.
  • Water, soft drinks, beer
  • Lunch, snacks.
  • Snorkel gear if needed.
  • Photo Package


  • $350 USD for 1-2 guests, additional guest  $90 USD with a max of 6 per boat. Please note that there are no other boats going along unless you are part of a tour that requires it.


This tour takes 4-5 hours of personalized guiding and we will be exposed to the elements most part of the day.

Meeting point, For this tour the meeting spot is the OLD MARINA CALETA, located right next to Intercontinental Presidente Hotel.

Departure Time, to be discussed while reserving. We suggest an early departure but we can accommodate to your schedule

Warning, This tour is for experienced adventurers only due to the physical demands. No bathrooms available, but the ocean or the bushes!





  • If the tour is canceled 24 hrs before the start of the tour due to weather conditions, your deposit will be refunded.
  • Nonrefundable deposits for No-Shows and/or if canceled at the start of the tour no deposit refunds apply due to preparation fees. Please understand supplies and food needs are bought and prepared and this is the reason for charging the deposit in this specific case.
  • In case of NO SHOWS,  there will NOT be a refund of the deposit due to preparation expenses.
  • In case of ship change of route or itinerary, I will require an email 24 hours in advance. 
  • In case of illness of any kind, we will require a 24 hrs notification. In case of Montezuma's Revenge while on your vacation, drink one part of CocaCola and fresh lime juice to get a happy tummy.




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