Stories from a childhood,

The Sound House…

I remember being picked up at my grandparents  house in the late afternoon. My uncle would visit on a dark red Ford pick up truck, probably a mid 50’s model. He would have an aluminum boat in the back of the truck. I still have the image…

Are you ready for Adventure? Those were his first words. And off we went to the Northern side of the island. I knew it would be a long trip and we would arrive to the blind lagoon still with plenty of day light to venture into the sea.

While we crossed the waters of the lagoon and open sea, we could easily spot large stingrays, lots of baby black tip sharks in the shallow waters by the sandbars, it was like looking through a window with marine creatures along the way.

As we got to a larger lagoon, he would wade through knee deep waters pulling the boat and warning me to stay up as many crocodiles would be hidden in the muddy bottom. I kept looking always for them.

The fishing was awesome, we would fill a box just with enough fish for us and the family to eat. As the day would turn dark, we would sleep in our small boat careless about anything or anyone bothering us. I would wake every once in a while to the sound of a heavy splash. He would say: don’t worry, the crocodile is having dinner…

In the morning, I noticed a small building structure in the far end of the lagoon, I ask him what was that about? We row our boat all the way to find a beautiful shaped large Ruin, to me at that age everything seemed huge, just to mention.

He started sharing a story, the Mayan used this place as a point of reference to travel and to predict the weather for the times when they had to cross the canal and go to the mainland on their canoes. That ruin had shells on top and at specific times they would blow with the flow of the wind. Thats how they could predict the next few days of waves or flat waters and get a safe trip to their destination.

Today, we use IPhone!